Privacy Policy

Affiliate policy is very much essential for any business as the policies can make a business to be able to run smoothly and for a longer period of time. At least two companies are involved in any affiliate marketing or related policies. Our affiliate policies include numerous things which can collect or gather the data or information of our visitors for future reference and there is no leakage of any data is involved. Any visitor need not worry about their information being gathered on our database or website as we collect the data or their information for the business motives only and no private use is involved. Affiliate Policy includes the set of rules and regulations upon which any company relies. Our affiliate policy is to gather the information of all our visitors but not for any private purpose but for business purpose only. We always assure our visitors to experience really great while surfing at our valuable site. We have also provided an option of feedback by which it has become possible and even very easy for our visitors to submit their suggestions and other feedback regarding the site. These suggestions and feedback are very much valuable for us as these can implement our site in a positive manner which can take it up to the next level towards success.

What do we collect?

We collect the data and information of all our visitors to implement our website in an efficient manner so that the visitors can experience better next time. The information being gathered is totally safe and secured and never get leaked as our clients are our first and main criterion.No information can get leaked ever as all the information is taken only for our future references and not anything else. The information can be very helpful and beneficial for our website as it can boost the features of the site by indicating us about the weak factors by which the visitors have to face any kind of issues. The information may be your personal such as your full name, address, date of birth, religion, the e-mail I’d,  phone number, etc., or may be non-personal such as your professional, your status etc. The information being demand or desired by you will be secured for a longer period of time in our database. This kind of effective and essential information can help us to reach to the customer in future.

Utilisation of cookies-

Are you thinking about the Utilization of cookies? Don’t panic; as all the cookies will get saved in the history of our site and then these saved or stored cookies will help our database to depict the required information of any particular customer whenever needed. The cookies can help us to remove the information of fake customers which are not really interested in the programs bit only surf to spend their leisure time.  The cookies can get deleted on our permission and our team does the same whenever needed.

Our affiliate policies include only the positive steps in favor of our customers.